Gas money request called deception

Eric Lindsey Ebanks, 40, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday charged with obtaining property by deception.

He is accused of obtaining $6 from a West Bay resident by falsely representing that his daughter had fallen and was injured and he needed $6 to buy fuel for his truck to transport her to the hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred on 7 September.

Ebanks was also charged with criminal trespass on 9 September. He is accused of entering a private residence on West Bay Road without having any lawful business there.

A third charge was consuming cocaine on or before 10 September.

Crown Counsel Jenesha Bhoorasingh-Simpson asked for Ebanks to be remanded in custody while further investigations are made.

She said there had been 13 reports from various neighbourhoods since 1 August. ‘He has been seen walking around trying doors,’ she told Magistrate Nova Hall. In one area the allegation is that he was harassing people.

Ms Bhoorasingh-Simpson explained that Ebanks had been produced from custody about two weeks earlier. He appeared before Acting Magistrate Valdis Foldats, who released him to attend the Drug Rehabilitation Court and told him to stop entering premises begging for money.

Defence Attorney John Furniss questioned the charge of criminal trespass. If a man is walking up to someone’s front door to beg, he asked, why is that trespass?

Mr. Furniss said Ebanks was asking for bail because his job was in jeopardy and his mother was ill. However, the attorney said he would wait until Thursday, 24 September, to make a bail application.

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