dms provides hurricane relief

In the wake of hurricane devastation inflicted by both Hurricane Gustav and Ike, dms Organization Ltd. collected 40 bags of relief materials which were donated to the St. Ignatius Catholic Church’s collection point en route to be shipped off to islands that were pillaged, including Jamaica, Turks and Caicos and Haiti.

Originally, dms had intended for their collection to be donated to the island-wide effort for a shipment to the Isle of Pine, but upon making the delivery on September 16, the containers were already too full to accept the donation.

‘In spite of changed plans, we couldn’t have received better news than to learn that the community of Cayman has contributed so much to this charitable endeavor that they couldn’t accept anymore relief items for the time being. It is inspiring to witness the generosity of our community,’ commented Stephanie Barnier of OBS, a dms affiliate.

Over the course of the prior week, dms employees rallied together to collect supplies to aid residents, including non-perishable food items, clothing, kitchen appliances, household items and much more. All of dms’ affiliate and subsidiary companies collaboratively participated in the effort.

The dms volunteers who visited each of dms’ locations to collect all the donations redirected their fruitful efforts to St. Ignatius to ensure that the donations went to those in need.

‘Being that we endured a similar plight in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, I think that definitely motivates us as a community to come together in times like these and assist others in need. It is rewarding to contribute to such a worthy charitable initiative as we are all too familiar with the formidable living conditions in the aftermath of a hurricane,’ commented dms Project Coordinator Tara Tvedt.

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