Slippery slope

The only difference between a successful nation such as ours and a struggling, failing nation such as Jamaica is crime and corruption!

How else can I say that?

The only reason that Jamaicans cannot find work at home and have to come here is because of crime and corruption!

Not lack of good people, not lack of desire, not lack of natural resources and environmental beauty. The only reason why we have a safe, contented country and Jamaicans live under constant threat of troubles and economic woes is because of crime and corruption!

Am I making this clear?

If we do not want to go down the path of destruction, lost jobs, lost tourism, lost financial industry, lost everything, then get a handle on crime and corruption fast!

How can we as citizens help this mess?

Let’s start a discussion of this right now, and see what we must do before we slip down the slippery slope that has devastated otherwise wealthy countries like Mexico and Jamaica and many more that have adequate natural resources, plenty of educated people, but are so overwhelmed by crime and corruption that it has become virtually impossible to save their nations.

Corruption is a deadly, impossible thing to combat when it gets ingrained in the system.

What can we do to help?

Cathy Church

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