Today’s Editorial for September 29: Putting country above self

The constitutional modernisation discussion that took place in Bodden Town on Thursday was quite refreshing.

All who took part are to be commended for keeping political rhetoric out of the talk and focusing on the task at hand.

Frankly we wish the event on Thursday could have happened much sooner.

The meeting showed that the Government, Opposition and non-governmental organisations agree on much more than they disagree when it comes to constitutional modernisation proposals.

The first round of formal negotiations with the United Kingdom begins today and ends Thursday.

Unfortunately it appears those talks will be behind closed doors, but Government has promised it will keep the media updated in a timely manner.

We applaud Government for opening last Thursday’s meeting to the public.

While few members of the public attended, many kept up with the discussion in their homes, offices and vehicles via Radio Cayman.

We believe that through this exercise more people better understand exactly what is at issue with modernising the Cayman Islands Constitution.

While Thursday’s exercise showed that the parties involved have much in common when it comes to their proposals, it also brought to light differences.

But now that all parties are aware of those differences, they can work together to come to some kind of agreement.

We’ve been talking about constitutional modernisation for eight years.

Many people have put in thousands of man hours and much money has been spent to get information to the public on the modernisation issue.

It is time for everyone to work together through the differences and come together united in front of the representatives from the United Kingdom.

There is still much work to be done before our constitution is modernised.

Thursday’s round of discussions was a major starting point for a resolution as far as our constitution is concerned. So will the negotiations that begin today at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The men and women in Government, the Opposition and the NGOs are indeed making history in the Cayman Islands.

They proved to us Thursday that they have put country above party, group and self on the constitutional modernisation issue.

For that, we thank them all.

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