Award CUC direct debits

I hear on Radio Cayman, constant exhortations from CUC for the public to pay its bills by direct debit.

It makes it sound like it is doing a favour to its customers by suggesting this.

In fact it is very much to the advantage of CUC if you elect this payment option, as it guarantees full payment of electricity bills on time, without any effort on the part of CUC to collect the money.

In the UK this considerable benefit is recognised by the utility companies, to the extent they all offer a discount of 5 per cent or more on their charges to all direct debit customers. May I suggest to CUC that it do the same?

I would also like it to specifically state the rate of the fuel surcharge on its monthly bills, so we can more readily identify the change in the surcharge from month to month.

It did this when the surcharge was first introduced, but conveniently dropped it when the increases became exorbitant.

R.M. Davies