CIYA hosting Youth Forum

The 2008 Youth Forum is being hosted for the first time by the Cayman Islands Youth Assembly this Friday.

The forum is expected to run from 6-9pm at the Family Life Centre and will be broadcast live on Radio Cayman from 7-9pm.

Among the evening’s scheduled events are the presentation of two papers by the members of CIYA and an open-floor discussion.

‘We have been working for several months on two action papers on issues we felt strongly about,’ said Martina Jackson, a member of CIYA.

One action paper concerns education, while the other focuses on the environment.

Another CIYA member, Brittani Seymour, said the group has been meeting for the past few weeks in preparation for the night. ‘We go through our papers and we have discussions to pin-point key ideas,’ she said.

James Myles, Youth Sevices coordinator, says he expects this forum to draw even more participation than others that have taken place in the past.

‘This is the first of its kind,’ Mr. Myles explained. ‘This time the forum is being called and organised by young people.’

CIYA also has high hopes for the night, which promises to be a landmark event for the organisation.

‘I really hope that everyone realises and appreciates what we have been doing,’ concluded CIYA member Danielle Borden. ‘We are a voice for the young people.’

For more information about CIYA or the Youth Forum, contact Mr. Ewort Atkinson at [email protected] or 943-1127