Exercise and good brains

With the ‘unfitness epidemic’ of present times, readers’ understanding of the vital importance of physical activity and how it informs our quality of life remains a high priority for me as a lifestyle consultant.


Donna Mitchell

Whether you are a busy corporate professional, working man or woman, student or retiree, the quality of your life will improve immediately as your level of physical fitness improves.

The benefits of being fit from a physical perspective are well documented, so let’s talk about the impact of fitness on brainpower.

*Research clearly shows that people who exercise regularly are more productive at work and achieve more on a daily basis. This makes a good case for businesses to promote employee fitness.

*It is well known that active children get higher marks in school, making increased physical activity in school curriculums an important priority.

*Active people generally have a more optimistic outlook, think more clearly, lead happier lives and have been found to make more money.

*A direct benefit from exercise is the ability to think more clearly, to concentrate and to be goal-orientated.

These mental benefits are related to an increase in circulation and blood flow to the brain and all parts of the body. Improved oxygen flow to the brain improves its capability for thinking.

With stress of sickness such as a common cold, physical activity reduces the effects of stress, helping your brain better deal with the tasks at hand clearly and efficiently.

Too many people these days take their bodies for granted.

Just ask any inactive, over-burdened professional how they feel after a long, stressful day at the office. Ask the same of any student that sits for long hours in school and later at home in front of the TV or computer.

They feel tired, lethargic and low in spirits, stressed and arthritic and they negate the importance of getting active to offset these side effects. You can reverse this trend.

Redesign your attitude and lifestyle, and that of your children.

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