DHL helps storm hit Haitians

DHL Express Caribbean recently delivered two air shipments of hurricane relief supplies to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The supplies amounted to 50,000 pounds of food, clothing and non-perishable items.

Tim Rivera, from DHL Express Caribbean, volunteered to manage Operation Hope for Haiti and travelled to Haiti to offer support and ensure that supplies were delivered in a timely manner.

Together with DHL Aviation Americas, DHL Express Caribbean provided a plane to deliver the relief aid. The supplies were collected by the City of Miami Commissioner and other local officials who joined forces to conduct donation drives across the Miami-Dade area.

Prior to that, DHL Express Guadeloupe acted quickly in partnership with DHL Aviation Americas and the Guadeloupe Red Cross to provide a DHL 727 plane for transporting humanitarian aid to Haiti on Sunday, 7 September. In total, DHL delivered around 50,000 lbs of vital relief goods to people in need.

After four tropical storms, most of Haiti’s food crops have been wiped out, and its irrigation systems and pumping stations are damaged, devastating millions in the impoverished country.

Emergency aid has flowed in to people directly affected by Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike, storms that triggered flooding and killed at least 425 people in less than a month.

DHL volunteers from left to right are: Patrick Vivien, Rony Destouches, Marjorie Koury, Tim Rivera, Maryse Dorcé, Pierre-Henri Dalencour, Henriot Lafontant and Gérald Guichard. In front is Dominique Siclait. Photo: Submitted