Hyperbaric Services thanked

I wish to formally thank the Cayman Hyperbaric Services for the care that was provided to me after my scuba diving accident, which required recompression chamber therapy at your facility.

Words cannot explain the emotional stress and overwhelming fear that I experienced once I learned that I must enter the chamber. However, each of you displayed a caring and professional attitude along with the appropriate knowledge, expertise and teamwork to make a very difficult situation much more bearable.

I would like to recognize each of you by name, but I am fearful that I may forget to list someone, and it is extremely important to me that you all know how very much you were appreciated.

As a medical professional myself, I am quick to judge quality of care. It was comforting to know I had received the greatest quality of care from a professional team that I regard with high respect.

I will always be thankful for you provision of unselfish time, care, and kindness.

Anne C. Homes