Lower airfares needed

I am happy to read that Cayman Airways is looking into bringing more quality tourists to the Island.

Overnight guests bring more to the Islands economy and they tend to revisit the Island on an ongoing basis.

I still believe Cayman Airways should partner with some US carriers like Southwest and others. Air fares must be reasonable compared to other Caribbean destinations. Spirit and other US carriers have very low fares to these other Islands.

Cayman Airways needs to have low fares from Florida airports so tourists can connect from other US airlines at a reasonable cost. I receive inquiries from large family groups of six to 12 guests and airfares are a major concern.

Southwest has fares from many US cities to Tampa in the $69-$99 range. Connecting is a problem as they need to collect their luggage and then bring it to Cayman Airways counter. The rate from Tampa to Grand Cayman on Cayman Airways is in the $450.00 range. A lower fare and a partnership with Southwest or another airline would bring many more quality tourists to the Cayman Islands.

Vincent Macaluso