Upset with child rape sentence

Please allow me some space in your Letters to the Editor section to voice my feelings about an article printed Wednesday in which a 20-year-old individual received a two-year sentence for sexually abusing a five-year-old boy.

What on earth? How can such a disgusting, heinous crime that was obviously proven by medical evidence only attract a two-year sentence? Of course, two years probably means this person will be out on our streets within 18 months. Are we people living in Cayman going to be satisfied that this creature will be free and roaming around ready – if he chooses – to attack other children?

Well done to the little boy who was brave enough to speak out immediately, he obviously has parents whom he knows he can trust and I can only send my heartfelt love and sympathies to that family. When you attack an innocent child it is the entire family, if not the entire community, who suffers.

Do we think for one second that little boy will be fine in 18 months? He has a loving caring family and he will in time recover, but that memory will live with him and affect him.

Let me say one thing that everyone here in Cayman knows to be true: Nobody has the right to touch a child. Nobody has the right to hurt a child in any way. Nobody has the right to do such a appalling thing to a child.. As for the person apparently having some mental problems, I don’t care. It shouldn’t matter. You still have no right to abuse and hurt a child.

Why can’t we know this person’s identity? Any person who abuses a child should have his or her photograph and identity known so we as parents and as a community can help to protect our children, our future.

I just hope that in 18 months or two years time, I do not have a young man move in next door to where my daughter should be safe, because who knows?

Joanne Johnson