Older People Month

This month is Older People Month in Cayman and residents are being asked to become more involved in caring for elderly relatives.

Under the theme UN Principles for Older Persons – Independence; Participation; Care; Self-fulfillment and Dignity, people are being urged to respect and look out for the elderly on the islands.

Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Director, Deanna Look Loy, commended those who spend time and money caring for elderly relatives, but said she was concerned that some families are currently neglecting their responsibilities and are relying on government to do the caring for them.

She said increasing numbers of families are opting for institutional care for elderly relatives and government is committing vast sums for this purpose annually, to operate five residential care facilities. Several indigent elderly also receive poor relief on a monthly basis.

‘Government takes pride in caring for our older citizens, but it is always better for them to remain with family,’ Mrs Look Loy explained. ‘When they are institutionalised, many elderly persons feel hurt and rejected, especially when family connections are diminished by infrequent visits.’

Gatherings and tea parties are being held throughout Cayman this month to mark the event.