Catholic grades break records

St. Ignatius Catholic School students who took IGCSE, AS and A level examinations this year achieved the best external examination results in the school’s history.

At IGCSE the overall pass rate was just under 99 per cent, with 80.5 per cent of those students reaching scores between A*-C. In addition, just under one quarter of the total passes were at grades A*-A.

As well as Year 11 graduating students, the results included those of students in Years 9 and 10 who took IGCSE examinations in Mathematics and French, with all achieving A or A* grades.

Overall three quarters of the Year 11 graduating group achieved five or more higher passes, with just under half achieving 8 or more.

Notable individuals included Thomas Cowan and Stuart Jennings who achieved six A* grades and three A grades, as well as Brittany Borden, Jordan McErlean and Stephany Durksen who achieved A* or A grades in 6 or more subjects.

The majority of the successful students have joined what is now the largest ever St. Ignatius Sixth Form to begin the AS and A level programme, along with graduates from John Gray High school and other schools.

At AS and A Level just over two thirds of the candidates achieved higher passes with grades between A-C.

Notable individuals at AS level who achieved two or more ‘A’ grades among their passes included Claire O’Dea, Anika Hewitt, Sarah Dombowsky, Cynthia Gonzalez – Espinos and Taylor Wight.

At full A level over 80% of the Year 13 candidates achieved higher passes with the highest passes in three subjects being achieved by Taslim Hussain, Alex Cowan, Alyssa Manahan and Christina Ross. All of the students will soon be starting degree courses in various universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

The Head of Secondary at St. Ignatius, Peter Embleton, stated, ‘I am delighted with the examination results this year and offer my congratulations to the students on their success. However, as well as the students, I must also commend all of the teachers at St. Ignatius who, along with our parents and stakeholders, have worked so hard to support and guide these students over a number of years, and who have undoubtedly played a significant role in the students’ success.’