Trio impress as Mexicans look for hoop stars

Three of Cayman’s best basketball players recently went on tour in Mexico to showcase their talent for Division 1 professional teams.

Collin Anglin was contacted by international consultant Joe Wright, who played his last nine years of professional basketball in Mexico.

Wright told Anglin that he was invited to go on tour in Mexico representing the Cayman Islands along with an all-star cast of college players and past/present professional basketball players.

When asked if any other players would be able to play at that level, Anglin directed the consultant to CIBA’s website where he could view player statistics from the recent Men’s League.

After viewing the website two other National Team players in Dwight O’Garro and Collin Bodden were selected to represent Cayman on the tour.

Cayman’s trio flew into Guadalajara where they began their ten day journey. They teamed up with two recent university basketball graduates from Tennessee State, a former National Basketball Developmental League player and a professional player from Venezuela.

As they toured Mexico they played against Division 2 professional teams while Division 1 scouts looked on. The ‘Shooting Stars’, as they were called, did not fail to impress winning by an average of 41 points per game.

Coach Cervantes of the Shooting Stars orchestrated the team and is the main liaison with the National League of Professional Basketball in Mexico.

Cervantes has won awards such as coach of the year and a few championships in Mexico. In addition he maintains good relations in Mexico and frequently showcases talent to teams in need of players to help them improve their records.

By the end of the tour it was quite evident to Cervantes that the Cayman Islands had players that were Division 1 calibre in Mexico, which boasts a host of university players from the states and ex-NBA players.

The Cayman trio felt they had done their country proud. They also overheard when Cervantes told representatives from Division 1 teams that not only did he believe the Caymanians could play division 1 basketball, but he also believed they were ‘starting-five’ material.

The Caymanians said they are very thankful for their experience and are currently in talks amongst professional teams in the area who could offer a contract in the near future.

The players expressed their gratitude to God for their opportunity and also to the people that sponsored their trip.

Their sponsors were Dominos Pizza, Captain Marvin’s, J&M Electronics, Touch of Elegance Beauty Salon, Mr. Joel Jefferson and Mr. Shomari Scott.

They also thanked the First Baptist Church for allowing them to train at their facility.