Ogiers seek to get off the mark

Week six action of the local netball mixed league is on tonight.


Clifton was a warrior for Roma. Photo: Matthew Yates

The netball courts at Truman Bodden Sports Complex have two games at 6:30pm.

Game one involves an improving Rawlinson and Hunter against a winless Ogiers side looking to pull off an upset and nab their first win.

The other game on the night will see a strong Roma side hosting the hard-working Unity team.

Three of the squads were in action on Saturday during the last games of week five of the Cayman Islands Netball Association Mixed League.

Saturday’s games saw CITI take down R&H 25-12 while Roma dominated Ogiers 21-6.

CITI played a solid game on both sides of the court. Their defense stifled many shot attempts, prevented second-chance scoring opportunities and made passing a chore for R&H.

To their credit, R&H tried to attack the net with Matt Green and Catherine Anderson hustling to keep the team in the game.

For the most part the umpires were not a factor in the match. Golding-South and Maria Kennedy called infractions where they were excessive but on most occasions let the players decide the game.

Among the big playmakers for CITI were Captain Melanie Lewis, Delisia Ebanks and Goal Keeper Celester Anderson.

In fact Celester would have a Saturday to remember. Hours before, he made some crucial plays for his flag football team in helping them make it to the league finals.

Meanwhile the offense for CITI was in a rhythm. The wingers, most notably Alicia Dixon, made solid passes and often found Goal Shooter Alton Williams in good position to score. From there Williams would do the rest.

Williams, who’s known more for his skills on the track and the basketball court, simply could not miss on the night.

With the win, CITI improved to a respectable 2-2 while R&H dropped to 1-3.

Meanwhile in the Roma game, athleticism and timely shooting made all the difference.

Centre Clifton Ricketts was the difference-maker for Roma. His leaping ability and non-stop hustle wrecked havoc on an Ogiers team struggling to find seams in the defense.

Ogiers did their best to keep Roma on their toes but struggled to mount a constant attack. That fact left Damain McField and Delroy Irving to spend most of their energy trying to stop the Roma attack.

Aside from Ricketts, Roma had plenty of firepower from cricket sensation Ainsley Hall. Roma’s tall Goal Shooter was often in a good spot to shoot. His cricketing background served him well as he had a firm grip on balls thrown his way and often put the ball into the net.

Roma also saw good play from its female players. Zoenief Walker, known for her skill with a ball by her feet, made good passes from the wing. Paula Hughes and Stacey-Ann Dehaney showed good footwork as well.

Umpires Janet Harris and Lyneth Monteith had a workout calling the game. Roma’s pace often led the umpires to run up and down the court to catch the offences the speedy side would commit.

By night’s end Roma would improve to 3-0 while Ogiers suffered their third straight loss.

After tonight’s games the final matches from week six will take place on Saturday.

At 6:30pm the netball courts at Truman Bodden will see favourite All-Stars tackle Citi in the first game while league juggernaut First Caribbean will battle Rising Stars.

See next week’s Compass for the results of all the games.