BT Civic Centre work to be re-bid

Work on the construction of the new civic centre at Bodden Town has been delayed while a new contractor to carry out the site work is sought.

The original contractor, TCB Constructions Ltd., underestimated how much fill was needed for the site work and the project is now being re-tendered, Leader of Government Business, Kurt Tibbetts told a Finance Committee meeting on Thursday.

Mr. Tibbetts was responding to a question from opposition MLA Julianna O’Connor-Connolly on the status of the project.

The 2007-2008 budget for the new civic centre had originally been $160,000, but the Finance Committee heard that the revised total cost for the year was $75,600 less than that.

Explaining why the amount for the last fiscal year was lower than anticipated, Mr. Tibbetts said: ‘There is an issue with the contractor. The site work was put out to tender and some work was done. Apparently there was some issue or dispute with the present contractor.

‘They have agreed to part ways and re-tender the rest of the site work project. They are going to re-tender it as soon as possible to allocate the work to another contractor.’

He continued: ‘The contractor under-estimated the amount of fill needed for the site work and came back to get more money and there is a problem there, so it’s going to be re-tendered.’

The entire project is slated to cost $1.8 million, and will include a 500-seat arena, 125 parking spaces and will be able to function as a shelter during major hurricanes.

TCB Constructions Ltd beat out five companies earlier this year to win the $541,584 contract for the site works on the new centre, which is beside the Bodden Town Primary School.