Scholars want more titles

Scholars International, who recently celebrated their thirtieth year as a club, will be a force in the new Cayman Islands Football Association Premier League competition which starts on Sunday.

Scholars International copped two of the three titles in the 2007-08 season, taking home the Foster’s National League trophy and the FA Cup.

This team has carved out a niche in the winning cycle having won the League title 15 times and the FA Cup trophy ten times, making them the most feared team in the association followed by Latinos and Tigers.

They have proven to be one of the most successful clubs to date on the island since their emergence, having won several team titles and numerous individual awards during this period of the team’s existence.

Scholars International’s history has proven that the team has been the most feared team participating in all senior men’s team competition administrated by the association.

Technical director and former player of Scholars International Antonio Smith said that he feels fantastic going into this competition the first of its kind and is hoping that his team will settle down and do their best to take this title at the end of the competition.

‘Scholars International feels good going into this new competition; a number of our players are presently involved in the national senior men’s team training in readiness for the second stage of the Digicel Caribbean Cup competition,’ Smith said.

‘They will definitely be taking back something new to the club from this national training; we expect to do well in this competition.

‘The first part of the games will be a bit shaky but the vital part is when the competition steps up, that is when Scholars International settles. We are not afraid of any of the other seven teams.

‘All teams had better keep their eyes on Scholars International. We are not training fully now that the team is short but within the next three weeks when the other players return we should be back to normal.’

The Premier League championship will be contested by eight teams this season: Elite FC, Future SC, Georgetown FC, Latinos, Roma FC, Scholars International, Sunset FC and Tigers FC.