Customs trainees awarded certificates

Fourteen junior officers from the Customs Department have been awarded certificates.

Officers Melissa McLaughlin, Sherryann Brooks, Danya Rankine, Raymond Ebanks, Troy Wood, Jerica Fellner, Duke Tibbetts, Dwight O’Garro, Madennys Ebanks, Darren Kirchman, Oral Lawrence, Nicolas Washington, Johann Taylor and Justin French of Cayman Brac are ready to assume respective responsibilities in various Custom Departments.

Over the course of four weeks junior officers received training in 23 subjects covering the main aspects of Customs’ operations in Cayman.

‘Out of the many applicants who applied for the position of Customs Officer, you are the elite of the group,’ said Anne Owens from Portfolio of Finance congratulating the officers. ‘You have proven your ability to carry the title with pride and honour by passing the entrance examination with top scores and by proving your dedication and commitment not only to yourselves, the Customs Department and the Government of the Cayman Islands but also to the country on a whole.’

She also reminded them ‘that you represent a law enforcement agency that is our island’s first line of defence in protecting our borders, remember that you represent a department that collects the largest portion of the government’s overall revenue but most importantly remember that your choice to work here in the Customs department is much appreciated and highly valued.

Collector of Customs Carlon Powery said the group of new officers is perhaps the most suitable he had seen recently.

‘My expectations of them are high as they each appear to have the potential to excel within the Custom Departments.

‘These officers have been given practical and on the job training and will be placed in various sections of the Custom Department and given the opportunity to rotate on an annual basis.’

Mr. Powery also said the island should recognise and encourage the many good young people and be prepared to give more recognition to those doing there best to be committed to these islands.