‘Cayman lost some of its innocence’

The following is a statement from Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts regarding the death of Estella Scott-Roberts:

Before we speak on other topics this morning, we are compelled to acknowledge the sadness that has overshadowed the Cayman Islands, following the death of Mrs Estella Scott-Roberts.

It does not matter if you knew Estella, or not; the unspeakable horror of this crime has exposed the truth that a deeply sinister person, or persons, lives among us. As bold as the perpetrators were in committing this crime, government is going on record as saying that we will be just as bold in our commitment to find them, and to bring them to deserved justice.

We have previously acknowledged our support for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services, and today we underscore, reemphasise, and recommit ourselves to that support. We have told His Excellency the Governor to alert us if more resources are needed in solving this case, and that we would do our best to acquire them, post haste.

For you see, we will not stand by and allow our people to feel that they are unsafe in their own country. We will not stand idly by and let our relative tranquillity slip from between our fingers. The authorities will dig for the perpetrators, and once they are found, they will be uprooted and removed from among us.

In all likelihood, those who committed this murder thought that Estella would be forever gone. They are sorely mistaken. Instead, by attempting to silence Estella’s voice, they have amplified it. It’s now more alive and vibrant than ever. They have not succeeded because she, and the people of the Cayman Islands, are collectively stronger than they thought. We stand together, in unity; they stand alone, in condemnation.

And yet, in our outrage and pain, we find the softness of humanity in our hearts for Estella’s husband, parents, extended family and friends. Our prayers are with you.

Cayman lost some of its innocence last weekend; the fabric of our security, which has been stressed by other acts of violence in our community, has now developed a tear. Be assured that as much as is humanely possible, we will work to repair that tear and in so doing, restore the strength and security of our community.

Mr. Tibbetts