No sibling rivalry here

Caybrew Farm Soldiers coach Johann Moxam could not contain his joy and relief.

He said: ‘We proved on the day to be the best team. It was a total team effort. Everybody stuck to the task on hand and did their job as individuals and collectively we completely dominated.

‘The first drive of the game was key. That seemed to suck the life and confidence out of the Dog House defence and in the end our playmakers were the difference.

‘Our playmakers were the difference; Leslie Harvey, Brad Conolly, Will Purgero. Luigi had a fantastic game. He was able to spread the ball all over the field.

‘More importantly, our defence was able to hold firm. In the end it’s been a long season. We’ve proven to be the best team because we’ve got the best players. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and I’m really glad that we came out on top in the end.

‘We started as underdogs, no doubt but this is why you play any game; at the end of the day the better team wins.

‘We showed up and had the fire in our belly and seemed to want it more. We dominated the first half.

‘Luigi again, by surveying the field and by adhering to the game plan that we devised was the key.

‘He didn’t deviate from what we discussed and we executed better than them.

‘It’s not about the regular season, it’s about getting into the play offs and being the best team at the end.

‘The Hellcats have proven themselves to be one of the top two teams in the history of this league. We wanted it more.

‘The minute we beat them we had no doubt in our minds that we would come out and secure victory.

‘Congratulations to Dog House. I think they had a great season but it’s not about what you do in the regular season, but what you did in the play offs.

‘I do believe Leslie Harvey was the difference on the day. He is by far the best wide receiver in the league. He is the MVP year in year out.

‘Luckily for the rest of the league he is off island finishing his university studies. But once we were able to get the ball to Leslie he was able to make one or two big plays that seemed to knock the confidence out of Dog House.

Brad Conolly was key and Luigi had the best game of his season and you put those things together and we were never going to lose.’