Boy Wonder’s all mixed up

Perry ‘Boy Wonder’ Levy had conflicting emotions at the end of the flag football season.

His side Hellcats were beaten in the first round of the play offs by eventual winners Caybrew and the women’s team he coaches, Walkers Wonders, unexpected lost to the Hammerheads Lady Pirates.

At least Levy was consolidated with the award of Best Offensive Player in the league.

He said: ‘From a Hellcats stand point, after coming off a perfect season we just didn’t put in the time, the training and the effort as in the years before.

‘I think a lot of teams wanted to beat us from going perfect last year and also we just weren’t as hungry. We took things for granted, they brought it to us and as you can see we weren’t as successful.

‘Hopefully, we can make some changes bring in some young, fresh legs to add to the team.

‘I think we’re ageing as a team too. We need to train a little more, work with the wide receivers and get Frecko to come out a little more. We just haven’t been putting in the time that we should. That’s the scenario for this year.

‘Honestly, I just feel it for my girls. They put so much effort in. We were training two months in advance of the league.

‘We’re all new and hungry, put in a lot of time, we’d meet, practice. I just feel, going so far 12-0 and then losing in the final is a heartbreaker for them.’

Was it tactics, over-confidence, Pirates excelling or a better game plan?

‘I think it was a combination of all those things. We were up 14-6 at one point and had an opportunity to score again.

‘It was a case of missing a few tackles. Jordana had a few uncharacteristic turnovers and interceptions that she never usually throws.

‘I give credit to Lady Pirates. They came out with a game plan and stuck to it.

‘I understand they even had footage of our players and were watching videos of our players and studying them. They took it very seriously. But if we had run our plays accordingly, footage or not we could have won it.

‘As an individual award it was great. It would have been perfect if the Hellcats and Walkers had won the championship, so it’s bitter-sweet. Getting the award is a recognition of the effort and time I put in. It’s an exciting thing but I would have preferred team success.

‘Individual sponsors I want to give shout outs to are Walkers, the Wonders sponsors. They paid for the uniforms and team fees and were very supportive, as always and I want to give a big thanks to them.

‘For the Hellcats, Goldfield Cayman, a new corporate firm, they came out and supported us and I want to thank them as well.

‘As for the leagues, I definitely want to give a shout out to Zulu’s Red Bull and for him coming out there and reffing every one of the games, every Saturday afternoon, week after week, taking punishment and still coming out supporting and doing an excellent job.

‘Him and Arthur Screaton do it for free, for six hours. You really can’t ask for any more effort than that.’