JA support

Rotary Sunrise is the latest Rotary club to directly support Junior Achievement.

In partnership with Tony’s Toys, Rotary Sunrise is sponsoring a JA company.

Several Rotary Sunrise members have also volunteered to act as advisors to the JA company.

In order to better inform Rotary Sunrise members about JA, two Achievers from last year’s Company of the Year, were invited to be the guest speakers at a recent club meeting.

Shay Miller, President of Artistic Touch, and Brittany Borden, VP Finance of Artistic Touch, made a presentation to the Rotary Sunrise meeting.

‘Shay and Brittany made an excellent and inspirational presentation. The Rotary Sunrise members were thoroughly impressed with both of them, and with the JA Program generally’ said David Reid, club member.

‘Rotary Sunrise certainly looks forward to continuing its support to JA in the future’.

Individuals or organisations interested in becoming involved with or sponsoring the efforts of the JA programme, can contact Wilma McLaughlin, Junior Achievement Executive Administrator, at [email protected] or 949-4306