Make your investment in health

With hedge funds, banking foreclosures and the uncertain global economic climate holding the world’s attention, making an investment in your health and wellness may be the wisest investment you can make at this time.


Stressed out by the financial turmoil? Simple pleasures, like fishing, can do wonders for relieving stress and worry. Photo: Donna Mitchell

Stress and anxiety during these uncertain times will affect the health of many people. Shingles, migraines, ulcers, increased blood pressure, heart palpations and insomnia are all symptoms that probably have masses of people flocking to doctors.

Studies suggest irrational fear is one of the deadliest emotions, and that humans can tend to form a pack instinct as a response.

Yes, there is cause for concern, but rather than joining the rest of the pack with overwhelming worry, you may opt to choose otherwise.

Lifestyles with Donna suggests you:

  • Discuss your worries with your partner, trusted friend, doctor or spiritual advisor and don’t forget to listen to your children’s concerns. Remember that children, too, can become worried by the economic situation they see.
  • Get unglued from the tube. Yes, stay current with news, but then switch off the TV and head outside into nature. Take the family with you. Go to the beach, park or backyard.
  • Include prayer and meditation in your daily life.
  • Keep physical activity, healthy eating and vitamin/mineral supplications a priority to support a healthy immune system.
  • Get your company on board for co-sponsored wellness programmes.

Lifestyles with Donna offers Yoga after hours, which is excellent for mentally over-charged men and women that feel tense, tired and full of physical ailments after a hectic day and long hours of sitting.

Go fishing, like a man I saw last evening at dusk. His wife combed the beach for shells while he waited for the fish to bite. Worries fade when we return to simple pleasures.

Health is the wisest investment we can make. Ask anybody who is suffering from illness or injury.

Investing in personal and family health and wellness is one thing you can exercise control over in this time of global upheaval and fear. ‘No worries’, be happy and healthy.

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