Why were roads open?

I was one of the marchers on Saturday.

My questions are:

Why did we not receive assistance from the RCIPS with the traffic? Why weren’t the streets closed off? Why wasn’t there more police presence?

I, along with fellow walkers, was disgusted to see that there was no assistance and the traffic was still on the roads and vehicles were parked on the side of the streets with drivers behind the wheels.

We all know that this is an annual event and this was taking take place on Saturday, 18 October, and we knew that there would be a bigger crowd after the brutal crime that was committed on Friday, 10 October, when Estella Scott-Roberts was killed.

The Government and the RCIPS need to bring in private investigators and crime specialists from overseas to take over the investigation, if not the murder of Estella Scott-Roberts will become another unsolved cold case!

I trust and pray that there will be some closure to this brutal crime, sooner rather than later.

Brenda Lee Ebanks