People have had enough

Mr. Bridger is disappointed?

Give us a break!

He and his team have wastefully spent millions of dollars of Cayman citizens money, have caused the names of many very respected and well thought of individuals on our island to be compromised without any proof of guilt or charges filed, have tried to run roughshod through our countries court and legal systems, have lived it up while working (vacationing?) in the Cayman islands and have generally brought turmoil, confusion, insensitivity, and a lack of compassion to the forefront of our society while providing what?

It would appear absolutely nothing up to this point!

I say to those who are standing up for their rights and fighting back – more power to you!

This reckless investigation has up to this point it would seem, been a true waste of time.

I suggest it’s time that the Governor admit this to be the case, apologise to us, the people of he Cayman Islands for wasting so much of our money, and to those whose lives and careers have been seriously damaged if not destroyed, disband and send home the specialist ‘met’ team, including Mr. Bridger and allow life in our islands to return to a semblance of normalcy.

I have never seen so many costly ‘investigations’ in such a short period of time, which cost so much money and which have yielded so very little, if any, fruit.

It’s time for the people of Cayman to stand up for ourselves and say ‘enough is enough’.

I challenge our elected government, of which I hold in the highest respect, to research and act on whatever options may be available to appeal to the UK government to bring this painfully bruising fiasco to an end. Not six months from now, but now!

The people have had enough; we are very disappointed – need I say more?

Tony Mosley