Let’s unite

The Police Law 2006 revision allows for the Commissioner of Police (presumably this power is conferred to an Acting Commissioner also) to invoke a cordon, (which is what is desired by the residents, not a curfew, a curfew just keeps people in their homes) and Section 30 states ‘having regard to the extent and nature of criminal activity, there are reasonable grounds to believe in the interest of public safety and public order, or the purpose of preventing or detecting crime it is necessary to do so, the Commissioner of Police may –

a) Establish a cordon around certain localities – for a period not exceeding 12 hours. (Presumably this can be renewed)

Section 31 (1 and 2) provides stop and search powers, and section 32 provides a power of arrest for breaches of Section 30, and also penalties of $1000 fine, or six months in prison.

I have to say that there are good officers within the RCIPS, and Chief Inspector Howell is one of them.

I’m sure the acting Commissioner has considered the above, and the implications and possibilities of the other requests also.

Let us unite! – locals, expats, tourists; it doesn’t matter! For the good of these islands, and in memory of those lost.

Paul Dewing