Two pieces added to CI Signature Collection

Kirk Freeport has unveiled the two newest additions to the Cayman Islands Signature Collection, a beautiful set of jewellery designed in-house by Kirk Freeport to evoke the beauty of the Cayman Islands set amidst the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

‘Although I’ve wandered far, my heart enshrines thee yet,’ goes the well-known chorus of Beloved Isle Cayman, the national song of the Cayman Islands. The first addition to the collection, the Beloved Isles necklace, was inspired by Cayman’s national song and befittingly named after its title.

The Beloved Isles necklace repeats the familiar motif of three diamonds set in a sea of blue topaz stones, symbolizing the three precious islands of Cayman nestled in the clear blue Caribbean Sea, all enshrined in a winsome heart-shaped pendant.

‘The Cayman Islands Signature Collection originated as a way to pay tribute to our beautiful islands and we’re very excited to release a meaningful necklace that can be available to many of our residents,’ said Debbie Guyton, director of Kirk Freeport. The second addition to the collection is the Grand pendant, a larger version of the Signature necklace that was launched last year. Kirk Freeport developed the Grand pendant in response to some customers’ requests, as well as to offer variety for selection.

The Cayman Islands Signature Collection was launched last year and was warmly received by residents and visitors of Cayman. It has been used by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism as part of its international promotion of the Cayman Islands. Miss Cayman Islands 2006, Ambuyah Ebanks, serves as the face of the advertising campaign – yet another feature that ties this jewellery collection to the islands.

The Cayman Islands Signature Collection, exclusively available at Kirk Freeport, today consists of three necklaces, a ring, and two styles of earrings. The Signature pendant and ring – the principal pieces – each showcase three diamonds, which symbolize the three islands, resting upon 14kt white gold waves that swirl inwards from a circle of blue topaz stones signifying the Caribbean Sea.

A distinguishing feature of the pendant and ring is that each of the three diamonds is cut to a carat weight that corresponds to the length of each of the three islands. A special tag affixed to the clasp of the necklace identifies it as the authentic Cayman Islands Signature Collection created by Kirk Freeport.

The Cayman Islands Signature Collection is available at Kirk Freeport jewellery stores at Bayshore Mall, Cardinall Avenue, The Strand, Owen Robert’s Airport, the Westin, and Cayman Brac.