Scholarship work

An idea to help spark interest in a child’s scholarship potential would be to establish baselines of community service hours for children and their parents or guardians.

Every child that is seeking a scholarship should give back to the community that the scholarship emanates from.

In other words, if I put in over 150 service hours in our community, volunteering at a local school, and my daughter puts her 150 hours in doing what she wants at her school or elsewhere, then she is given a favourable option for more scholarship funds.

Everything shouldn’t just be left for the child to do… the parents can perform hours at their church, school or elsewhere in the community.

This idea not only helps the child locate scholarship funds but it also helps the community when we all work together to make it better.

The sense of the community or ‘village’ raising the child shouldn’t be part of our declining cultural past but needs to be strengthened in our future.

Jennifer Bodden