The frightful reality of sugar

Let’s be honest shall we? It’s not just the kids who go a little sugar crazy over the Halloween season, and even days and weeks thereafter — it’s the adults too!

It happens to the best of us; following a yearly Halloween excursion, your little ones come home with a bucket full of mini candy bars to nosh on, or even worse, you have five cases of leftover treats you didn’t give away.

Without even realising it, you slowly eat more candy, chocolate and other sugary treats just because they are lurking in your cupboards.

Unfortunately, most of the Halloween goodies given out as treats or found at parties are loaded with an abundant amount of white sugar. This is no surprise since white sugar is added to a myriad of products as a cheap filler to improve taste. In fact, it is estimated that the average North American consumes two to three pounds of sugar per week in products such as cereals, cookies, yogurts and even ketchup!

As you can imagine, during the days around Halloween, the amount of consumed white refined sugar skyrockets.

What is the problem with a little white sugar? In addition to contributing to weight gain, white sugar can create a number of health problems in the body that include:

  • Suppression of immune system function;
  • Fluctuation of energy levels;
  • Hyperactivity and impulse behaviour;
  • Raised insulin levels
  • Elevated bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and lowered good cholesterol (HDL) levels;
  • A contribution to diabetes and heart disease

By no means am I suggesting that you be ‘that house’ and not give out treats, but do be wary of overindulging in those sugary candies and enjoy in moderation.

A rule of thumb that worked well in my house: discard 50% of the treats the children come home with and slowly phase out over a couple of weeks.

Have a safe & happy Halloween!

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