Today’s Editorial December 01: Time to shore up our borders

Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and colleagues from India.

What happened in Mumbai last week is unthinkable.

We are learning now that although 172 people were killed, the death toll was supposed to have been at least 5,000 in an effort to surpass the carnage that occurred during 9-11 in the United States.

Many of us watched in horror last week at television coverage of the terrorism strike against Mumbai.

That city of almost 14 million people is the financial capital of India.

It is the commercial and entertainment Mecca of India and one of the world’s Top 10 centres of commerce.

It’s home to India’s Hindi film and television industry, better known as Bollywood. The city offers great business opportunities and a better standard of living.

Like the Cayman Islands, Mumbai attracts migrants from all over the world.

Like the Cayman Islands it is a financial centre.

And like the Cayman Islands it is vulnerable to attack from outside.

We have now learned that some of the terrorists arrived to the city via boat – rubber dinghies to be specific. Others were already embedded in the city, watching, learning and timing the attacks.

India’s security chief has resigned because of the incident.

Other politicians have offered their resignations and it’s likely even more will lose their political careers because the borders of Mumbai were not adequately protected.

We find it appalling that the city that is home to the port that handles over half of India’s maritime cargo isn’t adequately secure; just as we find it appalling that our shores are not made even more secure.

If it was easy for terrorists to take over the financial district of Mumbai, how much easier would it be for a similar incident to happen in George Town?

No, we don’t have a political adversary like Pakistan and we don’t live in a war-torn region of the world.

But the Cayman Islands is a major financial player in the global economy, we are surrounded by water and our country is a melting pot of people from all walks of life.

There has been much talk about protecting the borders of the Cayman Islands, mostly from drug and gun runners.

We think it’s time for the talk to stop and action to begin. While those who are bringing illegal substances and weapons to our shores aren’t terrorists in the strictest definition of the word, they are terrorising our country.