Holding dolphins is wrong

I was very distressed when reading the article ‘Dolphinariums eye December’.

My husband and I have been visiting the Cayman Islands since the 1990s and were delighted that they islands were concerned about the environment and all those that live in it.

Holding dolphins captive for the few who want to pet them is not what we envisioned.

We feel that Grand Cayman in particular is now catering to the affluent with the million dollar condos being built on the beaches. The expensive entry fee to the Cayman Turtle Farm is an example of excessive fees being charged to the public.

In the future, when the new piers are built, there will be thousands of visitors on the island at the same time. We never go into town when we see the many cruise ships moored in George Town. Neither do we go on a snorkel cruise to the North Sound. The amount of people there at one time could populate a small village.

The boats are overloaded with visitors who are drinking and acting in a disrespectful manner toward those of us who want to enjoy the marine life.

We remember the original Holiday Inn where locals and visitors could mingle and enjoy the ambiance. Now there is the Ritz-Carlton that looks like a cold stone prison. Bigger is not necessarily better.

We have also become aware of the crime rate that is increasing slowly but steadily on the island. There are more and more articles about crime in the Compass News OL.

We are planning a two-week stay next year and will, at that time, decide if we will every visit again.

Please take this letter to heart and realise that we are just two of the many visitors that come to Grand Cayman for its friendliness and beauty.

Marian Kelly