Halladay rides in

Don Halladay, Canada’s top Parelli instructor is giving another master class this weekend in Cayman.

Halladay spends his time travelling the world to share his passion for natural horsemanship and horses.

He said:’Wherever there are horse owners that truly want to understand the nature of the horse and have a desire to build a relationship that will someday turn into a partnership, I travel to them. Of course spending time in Grand Cayman is a special event!’

The Parelli Programme was launched by Pat Parelli 30 years ago and is now studied worldwide.

Parelli is not a discipline but rather the foundation that teaches people to understand how horses act, play and think. The Parelli programme is way more than riding and builds skills in the human so they have something to offer the horse.

It is the foundation for all horses for all disciplines.

This is Halladay’s fourth visit to the Caymans’ through the sponsorship of the Sybersma family. Horse lovers are welcome to take part in the events either as a rider participant or spectators.

A natural horsemanship workshop is open to the public tomorrow starting at 9:am at Look Out stables located at Coral Stables, Newlands. Contact Tricia at 945 5520 for details and directions.

For more information on Parelli Natural Horsemanship go to www.parelli.com and for information on Don Halladay go to www.donhalladay.com