Rally good form

Last Saturday saw the 2008 opening rally on the netball courts at Truman Bodden Sports Complex from 6pm.

The rally is an annual netball event which marks the start of the senior women’s league.

12 teams competed across two different groups of six on the day.

In group one All Stars emerged the winners going 5-0. Rising Stars A were second at 4-1 while Rawlinson and Hunter came third at 4-2.

Meanwhile Storm Quick Cash A nabbed the second group win at 5-0. Roma came second at 4-1 while JGHS Mixed (2-1-3) and Bodden Town A (2-3) tied for third place.

Season games will take place this Saturday at Truman. At 6:30pm Rising Stars A takes on Bodden Town A while Maples and Calder battle Storm B.