Club knocked out by $3k boost

The amateur boxing show that featured white collar boxing at the Lions Centre was a huge financial success for the Cayman Islands Boxing Club.

Best performances came from Dariel Ebanks, Kendall Ebanks, Jason Parchment and Sarah Kidd who all won impressively. Kidd was making her debut and she outpointed a tough Jamaican.

It was at the Lions Centre and organisers James Burch and Donie Anglin were thankful that it went well.

First on the show was Burch himself who boxed an exciting draw with Bruce ‘Lee’ Coulson.

Peter Lewinson got a close decision over Luke Willingdon next.

Then Gareth ‘The Pride of Wales’ Griffiths soundly outpointed Ron ‘Front Page’ Shillingford.

Anglin’s son Jason took apart visiting Jamaican Omar Tomlin next for a stoppage.

Gus Dacker outpointed fellow white collar debutant Mark Cook before Kendall Ebanks put on a classy display to take the ref’s decision over Anthony Clarke.

Kidd won a thrilling battle with Felice Groves before Dariel Ebanks stopped Terence Spencer in the first round.

Burch, Anglin and all who helped package it deserve props for a tremendous evening. It also raised money for the boxing club and generated plenty of interest. In the audience was Olympic hopeful Jesse Bodden, Cayman27 reporter Jason Harper and many local sports figures curious to see white collar action for the first time.

Office workers all over the island are enthused enough to lace on the gloves now.

The other organisers who put in the really hard work for this were Troy O’Neil, Tim Buckley, Gemma Purves, Dacker and Cook. Referees were Michael Peart and Philmore Barnett.

Burch said: ‘We raised over $3,000 for the club but that we are still finalising the counting up. There was about 450-500 people and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘Many came to a boxing show for the first time and said they thought the fights were amazing. They were so impressed with how much respect we showed each other.

‘They want to come to another white collar/amateur show and we hope the next one is in the summer, on a dinner show.

‘A couple of sponsors want to commit to the next show. I’ve retired for now and will be taking a well earned rest.

”Furious’ did a great job as announcer and I’m really grateful to the ‘Atomics Kittens,’ who gave their time free of charge to work behind the bar, collecting tickets and getting the fighters ready. We never would have done it without them.’

Anglin had a personal interest in all the bouts which is why he did not referee.

He said: ‘Overall every fight was really entertaining. Everybody’s performance was amazing. People are calling me saying they want to box too.

‘I’ve even had a Spanish girl come to the gym who wants to fight and when I was in church a dad approached me and said he wants his son to learn to box.

‘All the amateur boys did well. It’s too early to say how good they could be but I feel good about their future.

‘Sarah needs to develop her technique because she’s still raw but I think she’ll do well. She has a minor injury now and is keen to get back into training.

‘I hope to have another show in February when the Jamaicans will come again.’

Burch will soon be selling DVDs of the show for $25. He added: ‘I’d like to shout about how healthy Cayman amateur boxing is at the moment – four wins out of four for our guys, a new gym coming, a new committee voted at the recent AGM and finally Donie and the fighters can get the tools they will need to be a force in Caribbean boxing.

‘I’d also like to thank Tim Buckley, Troy and the girls who volunteered on the night as without them it would have never happened.

‘I also think the boxing public are clamouring to see Donie in action…’