Ebanks brilliance points way for Lynx

With youth basketball finishing up last Saturday the debate about Cayman’s best young players can now begin in earnest.

The Cayman Islands Basketball Association saw many talented youngsters in both the U19 Boys and Girls Leagues.

As the stats show, a select few were stars on a steady basis.

Catherine Ebanks finished the leading scorer in the girls’ league. Ebanks averaged 17 points per game for the Lynx and had a league-high 23 point performance against the Comets last month.

Ebanks has showed a good stroke on her shot throughout the season and was a big part of the Lynx success this year.

Christsania McLean was second averaging 11.2 points per game for the Monarchs. She was a steady force throughout the season playing in every team game.

Felecia Connor of the Comets was third averaging 10.3 points per game. Connor lead the league in three pointers made with 11 long bombs.

In the Boys League Josh Cotterell of the Tarheels led the way averaging 32 points per game. Cotterell scored a league-high 51 points against Silver Bullets last month.

Cotterell also scored the most three-pointers in the league with 18 bombs.

Deandre Simpson of the Silver Bullets was second averaging 24.1 points per game. Simpson was the complete package at center for the club, as he was in the top five in rebounding, blocks, steals and assists.

Bruce Thompson of Redemption was third averaging 19.5 points per game. Thompson did a little of everything as he was also in the top three in both assists and steals.

Though passing is a problem area in the girls game Christina McLean of the Monarchs came out on top as the assists leader. McLean averaged 2.6 assists for the Monarchs.

Second place saw a tie between Courtisha Ebanks of the Sparks and Catherine Ebanks of the Lynx as both averaged 1.8 assists per game.

Meanwhile David Taylor of the Tarheels staved off stiff competition for the assists title. Taylor averaged 5.4 assists per game and had the most assists in the league.

Kwei General of Silver Bullets was second averaging 5.1 assists per game. General was a solid play-maker for his club averaging roughly 17 points and 11 rebounds per match.

Bruce Thompson of Redemption was third with 2.6 assists per game.

Christsania McLean of the Monarchs led the girls league in rebounding averaging 14.2 boards per game. She had the most total (128), defensive (63) and offensive (65) rebounds in the league.

Tracey Barnes of the Comets was second with 13.5 boards per game and Amber Watson of the Lynx finished third with 11.9 rebounds per contest.

Stephen Shaw of the Esso Blazers easily came away the rebounding leader. Shaw had 20.5 boards per game while averaging close to 19 points.

Shaw had the most total (225) and offensive (115) rebounds in the league.

Deandre Simpson was second with 18.7 rebounds. Simpson had the most defensive rebounds in the league with 121 boards.

League standout Josh Cotterell was third averaging 16.2 boards per game.

Defensively, two of the better players were Courtisha Ebanks of the Sparks and Christina McLean of the Monarchs. Ebanks tied for the league lead in blocks with eight and was in the top ten in steals. McLean led the league in steals with 70 and was in the top five in blocks.

Meanwhile in the boys league a couple of young men did well on defense. Deandre Simpson led the league in blocks (54) and steals (73). Jermaine Taylor of Redemption was second in blocks with 47. Haymond Rankine of Tarheels was third in blocks (23) and tenth in steals (27). Patrick Barnes of Esso Blazers was second in steals with 55.