GJ makes a big splash

The stage was set, the race fans were gathering and the racers were getting ready for the second annual Wes-Tec Performance Nationals Jet Ski event.

Having been postponed a couple of weeks due to Hurricane Paloma, everyone was even more anxious to see the outcome at Garvin’s Park, Morgan’s Harbour in West Bay.

Whittaker celebrates his victory

Whittaker celebrates his victory

Starting with the Modified class, most of the riders were first time racers and had trained under the supervision of Wes-Tec’s Don Patrick.

At the drop of the green flag three racers started pulling away from the pack. Out front was Seth Watler riding the ‘Baby Blue’ Wes-Tec Yamaha, followed closely behind by Ruggeri Walton another Wes-Tec member.

And running a close third on his trusty old Yamaha GPR named ‘Dutty Rocket’ was Nicholas Hydes – yet another Team Wes-Tec member.

In the hunt for the runner up positions were Frank Watler of Concrete Boyz, Glen Chollette of Team Tony’s Toys Racing, Michael Forman of Team Wes-Tec, Brandon Thompson of Team Wes-Tec, Rotando Thompson of Team Wes-Tec and Ian Dilbert of Concrete Boyz.

They battled around the course for seven laps in expert form, some exchanging positions and others holding their own.

The crowds applauded as they finished their race and even commented that it was one of the most exciting races.

Then came the GP class, aka the ‘Big Boys’, with some motors reaching somewhere around 300hp.

These machines are super fast and not intended for the timid. At the drop of this green flag motors roared and buoys were approaching fast.

One craft started to pull away from the others – GJ Whittaker of Team Nuttin 2 Lose Racing took a commanding lead on his Kawasaki Ultra 250x and was proving that he was the man to beat, followed closely by Darren Ebanks of Tony’s Toys Racing, Scott Hydes of Team Wes-Tec and Roshad Goff of Tony’s Toys Racing; who were all in the hunt for the championship.

Whittaker won with Hydes second and Webb third.

Crowds stood on their toes as these racers zipped around the buoys with intense speed and precision, sometimes two at a time and this made for some exciting action, on the back stretch of the course which was the roughest. They made it look easy.

Tarron Smith helped in organising the event. He said: ‘Overall it was an exciting event and everyone had a great time. We’re looking forward to the third annual Wes-Tec Nationals in 2009 and thank everyone for their support.

‘We would like to thank the management of Lone Star Bar & Grill for providing prizes for the runner-up positions. Also, special thanks goes out to the RCIPS/Customs Marine Unit, Fire Service/Rescue and our own West Bay MLA, Rolston Anglin for their continued support.’