Plans for sick dolphins?

I was wondering what happens if indeed something detrimental does happen or the dolphins’ health is failing; what does the government plan to do.

Although ‘other sections of the Law provide the Department with the mechanisms for protecting animal health and welfare; therefore should any enterprise operate in such a manner as to negatively impact the health or welfare of the animals involved, the Department, under the Law has the power to address the situation.’

How do they plan to address the situation of when the animals are dead?

It is not like you can take them to the local vet and if they can’t help, take them to an animal medical centre.

If they haven’t even figured out about what do with the waste product since the Turtle Farm has been up and running, caring for the needs of sick dolphins is beyond the scope and experience of the government and the handlers.

Get real and stop spouting out lame excuses and other effluence!

Regina Ecclefield

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