Study dolphins in the wild only

Firstly I think to learn about and save wild dolphins the place to study them would be in the wild.

How will captive dolphins teach us about wild ones when the captive dolphins don’t have the space to behave like wild dolphins?

The only people that are going to think this is the case are the people that live far from the ocean and don’t know any better.

I am a born Caymanian. My family goes way back in the history of this country and only a couple of them have ever seen dolphins in the wild and even less have seen them in the wild in Cayman.

I am an avid diver and have spent most of my life in, on or under the water and I haven’t seen any. I have swum with dolphins as part of a school group in Florida and I was not impressed.

It is the equivalent of a human being locked up in prison against their will. How would you like to be locked in a small room all of your life? Is this going to educate anyone about your behavior in the ‘wild’?

This is wrong Cayman.

Turtles are one thing. At least the Turtle Farm is trying to save a species from extinction while at the same time educating people about them.

And turtles are something that is native to these Islands and need to be preserved. What are the dolphinariums doing for the dolphins? Nothing! It is only the owners of these places benefiting from them not the dolphins or even the people. If you want to learn something about dolphins go somewhere that you can observe them in the wild.

Then you will get to see what they are all about. These places will not get any support from me.

Jonathan Rivers