Wake up

The US government does not own the Caribbean Sea nor do they own Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, so therefore, the Russian warships are free to go where they are welcome.

Why do we make the Yankees feel that they own this region and its people?

Have the Russians ever invaded any country in this region?

Have the Russians ever ousted any govt of this region? Which country invaded Grenada in October 1983 and murdered innocent people?

Who assassinated President Salvador Allende of Chile? How many times did the US use their war ships to invaded Haiti?

Two Russian warships are going to Cuba and staying for five days – the USA is controlling 100 square kilometres at Guantanamo for more than 100 years and is refusing to leave even though they are no longer welcomed by the government of Cuba.

Wake up Caribbean people. Let the sun embrace you; do not let the North American gorilla keep you in darkness.

Anthony Wiggins