Today’s Editorial December 19: Out of control on the Brac

What in the blazes is happening on Cayman Brac.

Last week the high school was severely vandalised; so much so that initially it was assumed the school would remain closed for the remainder of the term.

Dedicated teachers, staff, parents and students pitched in to clean up the mess and get the school in some semblance of usability over the weekend and the doors were re-opened Monday so classes could resume.

There still is much work to be done. The vandals tore up rooms that had just been repaired from the damage wrought by Hurricane Paloma in November.

Now it appears vandals have struck again, this time at the Agriculture Ground where workers have been working feverishly to rid our Sister Islands of debris left over from the hurricane.

It would appear that someone torched the lone trash grinder on that Island.

As we said in our editorial Monday the people of Cayman Brac have been through quite enough without having rogue villains creating acts of destruction.

If this fire was intentionally set, it means there is someone or some people on the Brac willing to do harm and create mischief, hampering the Island-wide effort of recovery.

We have to wonder what kind of person or persons would do this?

If these two incidents are related, the perpetrators must be found before they can create even more mayhem.

So far no one has been injured in these vile acts of vandalism, but who know what could happen next?

It’s bad enough that property has been damaged. God forbid someone gets hurt or even worse, loses a life, because of these senseless acts of vandalism.

We reiterate our words of Monday, the people who did this are probably still in the midst of the men, women and children on the Brac. Who knows what they are capable of doing next.

If someone knows who carried out this act of vandalism at Cayman Brac High, they are encouraged to notify the police immediately.

This act of vandalism certainly has consequences for everyone on the Island. The staff from the Department of Environmental Health has been taken off the job because their safety cannot be guaranteed, and without the grinder, there is no way to process the debris.

While a new grinder is awaiting transfer to the Brac to continue the work, it will remain on Grand Cayman. We don’t blame the minister for not releasing the $600,000 piece of equipment to the Brac where vandals could easily damage the new grinder.

We hope the perpetrators are caught and justice is done.

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