Cayman’s people go above and beyond

Only a few days ago I returned from the wonderful Cayman Islands. As your visitors well know, the country is grand and beautiful. This letter is about the beauty of the people of your country.

Even though I am 60, I still have a spirit of adventure. Early Saturday morning I slipped out of our room to see the island, leaving son and grandchildren in the room.

I went and enjoyed the sunrise on the northwest shoreline. All was fine until I took a wrong turn and became buried in a sand bog. No cell phone!

I walked from the isolated national park area and told the first person I saw about my dilemma. He immediately said that he would help me. I was overwhelmed by his willingness and caring. I was a stranger in a strange land.

He took off two hours from his family to help me get back to my family, who would be worrying about me. Rolston Anglin went above and beyond to help me, a stranger in need.

Sure, I will remember the Caymans: petting the stingrays, snorkelling over the reefs and the soothing breeze at night. But the graciousness and hospitality of Mr. Anglin will remain foremost in my memory of your great community.

John Sawyer
Jonesboro, Arkansas US