Operation Tempura needs resolution

The issues surrounding Operation Tempura may end up as a blessing in disguise to our community. Caymanians are coming out of their shell. And it’s about time.

We have had the courage to say ‘enough is enough’ and simply refuse to make this issue go away, unresolved. The TalkToday and Rooster airwaves make it clear that people are looking to determine accountability and responsibility on this issue.

According to one media outlet, Sir Peter Creswell described as ‘gross incompetence’, the action of Martin Bridger in arresting Justice Henderson, for what we now know to be an unarrestable offence. He is also asking the question that has been uttered publicly on many occasions: Who will foot this bill? Surely not the Caymanian taxpayer!

While HE the Governor has admitted that mistakes were made, he has not, as yet, gone as far as to say that the actions of Mr. Bridger were just plain wrong and egregious and that the Caymanian community is deserving of a public apology

It remains to be seen what Mr. Bridger’s Report – which I understand is due shortly – will reveal. Hopefully it will provide the community with a proper assessment of what transpired and enable us to make informed decisions as to whether or not there was a breach of good governance. It certainly cannot come too soon.

Theresa Pitcairn