Chance to win Super Bowl tickets

The next Super Bowl is approaching and two lucky winners could be flying to the Raymond Jones stadium in Florida on February 1.

Coors Light (the official sponsor of the Super Bowl), will be holding an event on January 16 at The Dog House.

It looks like the New York Giants could get to Super Bowl for the second successive year to defend the championship they won in such dramatic style over the New England Patriots last year.

A winner will be drawn, who will receive two tickets to the Super Bowl, airfare, hotel, and access to all VIP parties. A DJ will be playing from 5pm onwards. All anyone has to do is be at the Dog House in Grand Harbour that Friday evening that they could be the lucky recipient of the two prized tickets.

There will also be several football games outside for a chance to win prizes.

Rebecca Parchment of Jacques Scott Group said: Coors Light is known as being ‘As Cold As the Rockies’. It’s the most refreshing beer in the world.

‘Coors Light has been the fastest growing beer on the island for Jacques Scott and been distributing Coors Light since 1999.

‘This is the first year ever, that we have decided to reward our Coors Light drinkers by giving them an opportunity to win tickets to the Super Bowl.

‘We have picked Dog House as the venue because they are one of the most prestigious sports bars on the island.

‘They have sold an enormous amount of Coors Light throughout the past several months. And have been very loyal to the brand. The managers and bartenders have been very helpful with promoting the brand.’