Winter Bowl had ’em all jamming

The Black Pearl skateboard shop hosted its first Winter Bowl Jam last week and without knowing what to expect it attracted a mass of kids early on Saturday morning to practice their lines for the afternoon’s event.

Brian Myers

Brian Myers flying high out of the deep end. Photo: Submitted

This event excited a few of the Black Pearl regulars to the bowl area in Grand Harbour which had never been used in a contest format before.

Organiser Ali Amos said: ‘Thinking the skaters’ enthusiasm was enough, we kicked off and it didn’t take long for them to impress the crowds.

‘We started with the beginners’ event where the little rippers had 15 minutes to show us their stuff.’

Points and recognition were earned for creativity and effort put into their runs. A jam session is judged on the skaters creativity, flow, and consistency and there were no first, second and third, just prizes for impressive lines and attempted tricks.

The outstanding skaters in the beginner group were Alex Bosch and Antonio Stewart.

Next it was onto the intermediates and what a show down they gave. Litte Sean Myers, only eight, was airing over the spine like no other and blew onlookers away with his determination, style, and difficulty of tricks. This kid was born on a skateboard.

The dynamic duo Jason Brown and Patrick Williams once again showed how their summer at the park paid off. As well, Sara Webster was very impressive, outshining some of the boys in this category with ease.

After taking a breather, the advanced boarders guaranteed an epic event.

Amos added: ‘The siren went off and so did the skaters, with huge airs and grinds and some of the most creative and outrageously fast lines we had ever seen in the park.

‘It was a showdown to remember with each skater pushing the next to another level, as the sun was setting the advanced skaters were in full flow and pleased the crowd to the very end.

”Pama’ dropped the skull and is truly one of the most fearless skaters on Cayman. Jordan Downey, representing the Black Pearl impressed with his airs and transfers, and Brian Myers flew like superman out of the big bowl, dropping jaws in amazement.

‘Fun was had by all and the Black Pearl would like to thank all the skaters and supporters for coming out and supporting the sport in the Cayman Islands.

‘We hope to have another contest on the holiday Monday coming up at the end of January, location to be announced shortly.’

For more information on the Black Pearl call Ali Amos @ (345)526-4000 or email [email protected] or Douglas Cameron Jr. @ (345)527-8576 or email [email protected]