Wellness Week begins

The Ministry of Health and Human Services will host a Celebration of Wellness Week from 19-23 January.

The week will be launched with a ceremony on the lawn of the Government Administration Building on 19 January from 12am-1.30pm. During this ceremony, which is open to the public, the Ministry’s new logo, mission statement and strategic goals will be unveiled.

On 20 January, focus will be placed on physical well-being. The public will be given access to free health testing from 9am-12pm during the week at the General Practice Clinic and all District Health Clinics.

On 21 January, focus will be placed on social well-being and will include a Parenting Workshop facilitated by the Empowerment and Community Development Agency at the Women’s Resource Centre at 6.30pm. For more information or to register contact 949-0006.

On 22 January, focus will be placed on emotional/mental well-being and will include a stress-management workshop titled, from 7-9pm at the Counselling Centre. For more information or to register, contact 949-8789. Another activity highlighting emotional and mental well-being will be an information session with at risk-boys that will focus on how to identify emotions, and how to manage emotions in a healthy manner.

Finally, 23 January will focus on spiritual well-being and conclude the week-long event. The day will include a panel discussion on Radio Cayman’s Talk Today from 12-2pm.

In observance of National Day of Healing and Unity, the public is encouraged to maintain one minute of silence at 11am and to wear white clothing.

For more detailed information on the events for the Celebration of Wellness Week, please visit www.gov.ky, call 244-2318 or email h&[email protected]