Considering the recent headlines

Please allow me space to comment on a few headlines in the press over the holiday season.

The Governor’s wish list, mine is shorter; in relationship to the Governor, that he leaves or does some real work like get the accounts of Government audited.

This is necessary for good government. If not for Caymanians, then do it for your bosses in the UK.

How many accounts for the HSA are operating Enron style off the balance sheet?

The churches oppose the Bill of Rights because they cannot have their way and place limits on other Caymanians who do not live as they believe they should. What happened to the Christian heritage that taught us to be tolerant, compassionate and loving? Who knows, maybe some day the gays will be in a political position to ban marriages between the opposite sex.

Kind of an oxymoron to have a bill of rights that restricts the rights of others and their choices in a free society.

The berthing facility proposed by the PPM government that claimed at the meeting that the captains on the cruise ships approve the alignment of the ships with the bows pointing southeast because they will be in to the wind; can’t say I have driven through George Town too many times and the cruise ships were headed southeast. Seems to me, at least in North Side, during the busy cruise season of December to March the prevailing winds are from the northeast.

I can recall as a schoolboy playing on the George Town docks with the sea like glass and one hour later the Kirk Pride was on Webster’s dock, a shrimp boat was next to Paradise restaurant and the mast of a beautiful black Norwegian Schooner was in the museum yard.

Playing with my computer I found some interesting but troubling facts about the Cayman Islands.

CIA World Fact book reports that Cayman GDP in 2000 was 5 per cent and for 2006, 2007 and 2008 it was 0.9 per cent. GDP is defined as -real growth rate and this entry gives GDP growth on an annual basis adjusted for inflation and expressed as a per cent. This is freighting considering the increases in debt over the last three years by the PPM Government.

Thanks for the space.

D. Ezzard Miller