Caymanians find it difficult to work

Please allow me space to express my concern about the present job situation in Cayman.

Over the past year, I have been seeking employment mainly through the classified advertisements in both local papers and I have come to the conclusion that most of the jobs advertised are for work permit related matters.

When will our government put a stop in allowing so many work permits being granted in these Islands?

This has contributed to the high rate of unemployment of Caymanians, status holders and residents with right to work.

I have proven over the past few months, after applying for many advertised jobs that stated Caymanian or status holder preferred to be false and misleading.

After following up on several of my applications, I was told that the position applied for had already been filled and that is was mandatory for a company to advertise when a work permit is required.

With revenue of $46 million and with the granting of work permits being placed in the hands of Immigration Department, I don’t think the government have the Caymanians’ interests at heart.

It is all about surpassing previous yearly revenue. There are limited training facilities to adequately train and equip the average Caymanian for jobs available here and the jobs that are here is been given to expatriates.

Nothing is in place that checks the true qualification and experience of the person that these permits are granted to or take into account the amount of Caymanians that has applied for that position, so companies take the advertised clippings from the local newspapers to the Immigration Department and lie so that they can import cheaper labourers which I have encountered on several occasions.

What happens to a country that does not give priority to its citizens in terms of employment?

How long will the government all foreign nationals who work at a lower wage to be in jobs that should be held by qualified or trainable Caymanians?

With the high rate of unemployment of Caymanians and the influx of foreign nationals who are allowed to occupy these jobs, what future will there be for our citizens?

When homes and vehicles have been repossessed, families been disrupted due to the financial stress, what will be the outcome?

There has been an increase in crime lately, this will happen due to unemployment. I am asking our government to stop giving work permit revenue first priority and give the Caymanian citizens a chance.

Howard Binns