Proposals for port facility

I believe that the current proposal for the new docking facility and relocation of the cargo port opposite Bodden Road is flawed and make the following proposal:

1. The problem for the existing port has always been winds from the northwest, forcing the cruise ships to go to Spotts with its inadequate facilities and the long drives to tourist destinations.

The solution to this is to make the existing port into an all-weather port. This can be done by building a breakwater of sufficient length extending from Pageant Beach; the existing port and downtown George Town would be protected from northwest winds and its accompanying waves. This proposal is not new, coming during the days when Errol Bush was in charge of the port. Indeed, an environmental assessment and many studies were done and should be available for review. There should not be any need to reinvent the wheel.

2. Once the breakwater is done and the existing port protected, the cargo port can be moved to Spotts; whatever improvements need to be done can be done and the new arterials roads should provide easier access to where the cargo needs to go.

3. New berthing facilities can be built at the existing port. However, whatever is built, in my opinion, should not be large enough to handle the new super ships for many reasons, including the need to preserve some of the charm of the Cayman Islands as a preferred destination.

Paul Simon