Roads need to be revised

I am wondering who revised the roads plan which goes by the Lions Centre and the Red Bay Main Road as it appears to me that no consideration has been given to the people who live in those areas, since no entrances or exits were provided in the long islands in the centre of the road, one which begins at the Hurley’s Supermarket entrance at Grand Harbour ending at Spotts or the stretch which begins by the Kings Sportcentre and ends at the roundabout to Hurley’s Supermarket.

This must be very inconvenient to the people living in these areas and is surprising that a lot of car accidents have not occurred in these areas.

It concerns me that I have to drive all the way to Spotts to turn around and head back for George Town then go all the way to Hurley’s Supermarket at Grand Harbour in Red Bay and again turn around to head in the direction of the Eastern districts if I should miss my turn-off for the following areas: 1) Red Bay Subdivison, in which there are hundreds of homes and apartments; 2) Hurley’s Supermarket at Grand Harbour in Red Bay; 3) Brown’s Esso in Red Bay; 4) the main Prospect subdivision, which has thousands of homes and apartments and some established businesses; 5) the condominium complex in front of Selkirk Drive in Red Bay and the apartments opposite Hurley’s Supermarket in Red Bay. If coming from East End, I have no access whatsoever to the opposite side of the stretch of road from Spotts to the end of the Hurley’s Supermarket complex and the same for all businesses on the side of the road on which the Lion’s Centre is located, or for the people going to Red Bay Church of God Holiness in Red Bay.

The main Prospect road should remain a two-way street, as has the old Crewe Road. If all lanes are filled with traffic at any time, what happens, or would happen, in the event of any emergency? Or could that be the reason the helicopter was deemed necessary?

The stretch of road that runs by the Lions Centre also needs to be revised as there is also the Maedac House Gas Station and store, etc., the Country & Western Restaurant, IMP business, John Gunter Furniture Store and the Baptist church on the opposite side of the road.

I believe this is the general opinion of all Caymanians. Thank you for allowing me this space in your paper.

Juliet R. Tatum