Rollover policy isn’t working

We have just returned from our 14th annual holiday in Grand Cayman lasting for weeks.

It was again a wonderful experience made so by the excellent service at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites. The staff there are truly wonderful and go out of there way to ensure you have a great vacation.

With coming all these years we have developed a great love for the island and its people and there is no doubt serious problems lie ahead and require to be addressed by government.

The rollover policy does not work. The numbers of cruise ships require to be controlled, a new dock would be nice but will it be cost effective.

Stayover visitors are much more attractive to the island and much greater effort should be put in to attracting them.

The smooth running of the many facets of the island will be best served with a good mix of Caymanians and incomers and we feel that emphasis should be given to retaining the skilled and experienced expatriates.

Mae and Ian Robertson